Team Cobra Post Maria Efforts (Part 3)

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As we find time to lend our skills and services in any way that we can in order to fast track the rebuilding of our nation and to help those who are less fortunate than we are, the team has gone into home building!


We can never say too much thank you to the Team at ABSAR and Yacht Aid Global and our Mega Yacht friends for the tools and building materials issued to us in making thoughts and ideas a reality. Thus far we have built a few homes for individuals and families who were in dire need. With a group of six skilled labourers and tradesmen, some persons can call a place home once again.


It was a pleasure to see that glitter of happiness and gratitude from these people- our people.


Building materials and tools were distributed to prominent members who were also involved in the building of homes for individuals. Honorable Ian Douglas received some items which was provided to his building team and also to Honorable Cassius Daaroux.

Solar Light Distribution


In Mid-March 2018, we received 1000 solar lights which were specifically instructed to be delivered to students in schools around the Island. As we know that much of the Island has not yet been restored with electricity, this was a drive geared towards assisting the children with some sort of visual for homework purposes.


Special thanks goes out to the Leebenstien Foundation for making such a generous donation along with Team ABSAR on the logistics end.


We have targeted schools along the west coast and some parts in the North.

Voluntarism Program


We have launched our voluntarism package via the Discover Dominica portal for persons who are wishing to assist in clean-up or any way they can when they visit the Island. We welcome anyone who is verse in work where building is concerned and anyone in general who is willing to lend a helping hand.


With the strength and support that we have received from our friends and what we can now call family across the regional and international waters, we are proud to say that we have done great work without bias and prejudice. For the many who assisted in donations, and the many who came from abroad to lend a helping hand, our local people to assisted with their man power, transportation, storage space and most importantly, gratitude let us continue to stand firm and strong in building a better tomorrow for Dominica

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