Team Cobra Post Maria Efforts (Part 2)

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Our second focused was channelled into the logistics of receiving and distributing of relief food items. We have had a few anonymous donors who made generous contributions in purchasing and donating various quality food items. Other contributions where food and water was concerned also came from some of our chain in command companies across the Caribbean and many yacht cruisers who made an effort in sourcing and collecting these supplies.

We have made a few posting on our Facebook page showcasing and most importantly extending our gratitude to all the sponsors and contributors.

We have had supplies coming from first our Charter Company friends in Guadeloupe called the Antilles Sail Group.

Special thank you was also extended to our new friends aboard the SV Flying Buzzard who sponsored their boat, captain and time in the transporting of the supplies to the Island. Added to their generosity, there was a high need for Diesel on the Island and they provided some of that as well to us.

As our team was formed, many of our friends in the yachting circle assisted in marketing our Team Cobra Relief effort drive. Many of the donors were skeptical that their supplies would not be distributed evenly and to those in need hence we put their mind at ease.

Our main focus was to ensure that majority of the relief be distributed to communities and villages in the country side as they were the most neglected.

On the first trip of the SV Flying Buzzard from St. Vincent, we received 20% of the supplies as 80% was dropped off in the south of the Island. Items were stored and were were able to make a total of 150 packages which was issued to the country villages of Lower Penville, Woodfordhill and Wesley and Portsmouth and tour guides.

Second trip of the SV Flying Buzzard came from St. Lucia where we received 100 pallets of water, 2 pallets of Macaroni and a few clothing Items.

Distribution was made in bulk to the Community Centers of Lower Penville, Paix Bouche, Bense, Marigot and Concord.

Third trip of the Buzzard came from Antigua where supplies were donated from an anonymous donor amounting to $70,000.00. Twenty percent (20%) of the goods was delivered to the Government Pack house for distribution in the community of Portsmouth.

Our strategic plan for these goods were to distribute bulks to the centers in the village responsible for dispensing. We also made various family packages for homes and persons who lived on the outskirts of each of the villages and for those who were not fit on going to acquire their packages at the centers.

This was done in the communities of:

  1. Wesley,
  2. Laplaine,
  3. Castle Bruce,
  4. Boetica,
  5. Warner,
  6. Salisbury and a few persons in Portsmouth.


Eighty (80) family packages were delivered in the areas of:

  1. Tan Tan,
  2. Savanne Paille
  3. Morne-a-Louis
  4. Toucari
  5. Cottage
  6. Clifton
  7. Capuchin

Medical supplies, Bulks of Food and water were distributed to the Portsmouth Hospital, the Home for the Aged and various shelters in Portsmouth.

Parliamentary representatives of various communities received large amounts of supplies to assist us in the distribution. Information had reached us that there were a few persons in many other villages that had been forgotten hence we provided the supplies to the people who could better assist in the distribution.

Special thank you was extended to Eloise Greene and Sharon Greene who made some of our children on the Island very happy for the Christmas despite having no electricity. Over one hundred gifts were raised by these two amazing people in a Christmas drive that they put together.

Students from the Belles Primary School, Clifton Primary School, Savanne Paille Primary School, Roosevelt Douglas Primary School and the Coulibistrie Primary School were all smiling faces as they received their special gift.

The St. Johns Primary School received snacks and drinks which were sponsored by Julie from ABSAR to make their yearly Christmas Party a success

We are proud to say that relief supplies that was sent to us were distributed to approximately ninety 90% of the Island.

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