Team Cobra Post Maria Efforts (Part 1)

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As we all know, Dominica was hit by a category 5 hurricane on Monday September 18th 2017. The morning of Tuesday 19th September 2018 was a sight for sore eyes. Devastation and chaos rocked engulfed our little Nature Island like a plague. Neighboring Islands and countries the International waters extended their reach to us in providing aid to assist in our reinstatement.

At that point we the members of Cobra Tours formed a team namely (Team Cobra Relief Building Inc.) to assist in the efforts of our country’s rehabilitation.



Our first focus was assisting in the clearing of roads and Tourists sites in the Portsmouth community and beyond. With our chainsaw, cutlasses and man-power we begin working on the Wednesday following the passage of Hurricane Maria. We got information that persons were injured as a result hence passage to and from the second town was severely critical. Electrical posts, huge trees and wood and galvanize were strewn everywhere. Many individuals who had various machines all chipped in in order to allow the reopening of the roads.


Due to the falling of radio antennas and no cell phone service, we went an extra mile in launching one of our motor boats to move down to the south to make contact on Thursday 21st September 2017. The Dominica Broadcasting Radio Station was somewhat restored to a few villages hence we reached out to our friends and families informing them that everyone was accounted for in the town of Portsmouth. We made multiple trips between Roseau and Portsmouth in order to assist in fuel transportation for the Police Station and the Hospital, for person who were wishing to see their families and for individuals who were evacuating the Island.


We then moved on to our main tourists sites in the area. Being the Tour Operator Company that we are, one of our priority focus was to gear up to have our Tourist Season reopened. In normal circumstances the season would have been in full swing in the month of October but unfortunately Maria had different plan for us. Working in accordance with the Discover Dominica Authority and the Ministry of Tourism with a proposed date of January 1st 2018 our skills and labour were put to the test. The Indian River was a major challenge as was the Syndicate Waterfall. Long days into the evenings of chainsaw cutting, and major repairs and rehabilitation to ensure normalcy for the comfort to the guests that would have made their first call via cruise to the waters of Dominica. At this present day works are now being completed on the Indian River as a result of the passing of Hurricane Maria.

**Stay tuned for more Cobra Tours updates!


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