DHTA and NY Donor Team up to Provide Equipment for Combine Taxi Association and Wesley High School.

ROSEAU, Dominica (March 21, 2018) – The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) has donated office equipment to the Wesley High School (WHS) and the Combined Taxi Association to assist with rehabilitation efforts post Hurricane Maria. Over the past six months DHTA has lobbied on behalf of private sector organizations for the procurement of resources to support institutions with the restoration of business operations.

Soon after Maria, the DHTA was contacted by a teacher at the WHS to help the institution recover from the vandalism that ensued after the Hurricane’s passage.

On Monday, 19 March, DHTA Executive Vice President, Kevin A. Francis presented the Wesley High School with two projectors donated by packpacker, hiker and longtime friend of Dominica, New York Native, Ivy Raff.

Acting Principal of the Wesley High School, Hilarion Akpa said: “We didn’t expect DHTA and support us after Maria. We are really, really delighted. Mr. Francis is concerned with the education of our children and we are very, very happy to have them [DHTA] with us.”

“This is a great step along the road to resiliency,” Francis commented. “There is a high emphasis placed on the investment in our youth and to create developmental opportunities for them to create positive change. The DHTA and myself would like to thank Ms. Raff for her support. It is through kind gestures such as these that go a long way in the minds and hearts of our members and people.  Tourism still remains a vital sector in our economy and the DHTA is committed to delivering that message to its members and the country.”

The association also presented computers to the Combine Taxi Association, also donated by Ms. Raff, as well as Jolly’s Pharmacy to resume business after major damage to their work offices caused by Maria forced the association to stop operations and lay off staff.

Francis said: “Combine taxi association plays a vital role in the delivery of our tourism product. There is not doubt that their continued operation is for the benefit of the entire industry. We have also extended our offices as a temporary work space while they reassemble their membership strength. This is a win for the tourism industry.”

DHTA understands and appreciates the value of each stakeholder to Dominica’s tourism product.  More so, the development of youth, their contribution to the tourism industry and DHTA’s level of member representation. Mr. Francis added that “although we may not be able to tangibly assist all industry participants, we are aggressively pursuing their interests and checking in with them and their issues on a regular basis to spot opportunities to help and connect businesses to solutions.”

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Operating as a membership-based tourism development organization for over four decades, the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association is a focal point for the tourism industry in Dominica. The DHTA assumes a leadership role in the industry, and acts as a catalyst for enabling Dominica’s tourism economy to reach its full potential to the benefit of our current and future members, visitors, investors and travel partners, citizens and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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