Get out, get on the road!

There are no long-haul direct flights to Dominica. We are off the beaten path – and it’s worth it. Getting here is part of the adventure. Team up with an experienced travel agent that knows all the routes to make your adventure seamless!

Once you’re here, getting around is easy. Taxis are accessible from the airports and around the island. There is also a public bus service, identifiable by the letter H before the registration numbers on the license plates, that is made up of mainly minibus operators that can be found at bus stops across the island during the daytime.

Or use one of the many car rental services. Note that visitors will need a driving permit, usually available from the car rental company, before driving. The permit cost is typically US$12, and the driver must be between the ages of 25 and 60 with two years of driving experience. If you plan your trip in advance or allow the airport staff to guide you on an option that best suits your needs, getting around in Dominica is no trouble at all.

Here are our top picks for car rentals and travel agents.